Frequently Asked Questions for the host

Getting Started Guide

Nothing could be simpler than to register!

First, you need to create an account and then publish an ad easily.
Click on the button ” publish my garden “.
Then follow the instructions at each step of creating an ad.
This step requires a little time, thought and preparation. It takes an average of 30 minutes to publish an ad.
– Personal data (5min)
– Complete description of your garden (15min)
– Photos (8min)
– Confirmation of your account (2min)

This is a legal aspect. European legislation requires online payment platforms to confirm the advertiser’s identity in order to receive payment
A simple photo/scan of one of these documents will validate your identity.
– Identity card (front and back)
– Passport
– Driver’s license (front/back)
You can simply add this document to your account

Or send it to us at

There are several reasons for this problem.
1. The mail arrived in my junk mail → Check spam and trust this email address.
2. My email has a mistake → Go to my account to check.
3. I didn’t receive an email confirmation → Click check to resend the confirmation email
4. The problem persists → I contact WayCamper via the form

Connect to the site

Logging in is easy.
On any page you can click on this section in the menu
Or simply by clicking here
Then log in with your email address and password. If you forgot your password. Click here. You can also change your email address on this same section.

Create an ad

You have decided to take the plunge and become a host! You are right, you will live and share unforgettable moments with the campers you will host!
Thank you on behalf of WayCamper, but also on behalf of all the campers who want to live an unforgettable travel or camping experience.

How to post an ad ?
First create an account by clicking here
Then go to Ad listing, post my garden !

All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the advertisement publication page.
Nevertheless, here are some details to record and optimize your ad.
General description: No need to be long, a few lines are enough. When you write your ad, remember to describe several points.
1. Introduce yourself, your family, your connection with your region.
2. Introduce your garden, size, shade area, accessories, …
3. What are the assets of your location, what activities are close to your home, describe what makes your area famous.
4. Why choose you and why you chose to become a host.
The means of camping allowed is a fundamental point of your ad. Indeed, although the desire may be present to host travelers of all types. Your garden may not be adapted to receive all types of means of camping.
Tent : In theory everyone can host one or more tents in their garden. However, here are some points of attention that you should make sure you have.

  • A grassy and maintained ground: It is important to welcome the campers in tent on a soft and maintained ground. That is to say, the ground should be mowed and not infested with tall grass. Also be careful of tree roots or fir trees in the campground, a sprain can happen quickly.
  • A flat ground: It is the B to Ba of camping in tent, camper van and caravan. It is not pleasant to sleep leaning or unbalanced. So make sure you have some flat ground.
    Nb: You have a sloping ground and you still want to welcome campers? Here are some solutions to make your site more comfortable. 
  • A quiet place: The notion of a quiet place is a bit vague, we admit it. However, some gardens on the street side can be very noisy if there is a lot of traffic.

Motorhome, Mini-Van, Camper: In addition to the amenities listed for the tent above. The mobile vehicle campsites are more difficult to accommodate. Indeed, it is absolutely necessary for them to have a means of access to the road. In case of heavy rain, the numerous passages of these vehicles can damage your land. If you would like some advice on how to manage your yard in case of heavy rains click here.
The size of your garden is also an important criteria. But it is not always easy to know the exact size of your garden. If you don’t know it. Here are some techniques to estimate the size of your surface. Of course, the size you will give is approximate, so don’t try to calculate the exact size of your garden.
The number of campers allowed is closely related to the size of your garden and also to your personal desires. We advise to leave a maximum of space to the campers and between the different means of camping. We recommend 1-2 traveler(s) per 20m² of garden.

The measurements in the following table are indicative, you can either increase the number of campers or restrict it. The most important thing is that you and the campers feel comfortable with the cohabitation.

Garden area

Number of travelers


Up to 2

Between 20 and 40m²

Up to 4

Between 40 and 100m²

Up to 8

Between 100m² and 200m²

Up to 15


Up to 25

The accommodation setting depends on your geographical area. There are several types of accommodation settings, city, village, countryside, mountain, beach, lake and unusual. But, how do you know if you are in a particular area?
– Village : If you live in a village or near it.
– City: If you live in a city or its suburbs.
– Countryside: If you live neither in a village nor in a city.
– Unusual : If you are an abbey, a brewery, a place of worship, you have a rooftop, …
– Mountain : You live in the mountain or in the close surroundings (20km)
– Beach : You live at the beach or in the close surroundings (20km)
– Lake : You live near a lake or in the close surroundings (20km)

Your facilities are the accessories or amenities you offer to campers. If you have certain facilities, for example a shower at home, you are of course free to share it with your campers or not.
Here is a list of the facilities you can offer. If you offer other services or facilities, you can specify it in the description of your place.
– Animals accepted
– Barbecue
– Kitchen in the house
– Independent kitchen
– Shower in the house
– Independent shower
– Independent solar shower
– Drinking water at disposal
– Electricity
– Clothesline
– Fridge at disposal
– Washing machine
– Swimming pool
– Tumble dryer
– Toilet in the house
– Independent dry toilets
– Wifi

Activities near your home are also key for most campers. Check the non-exhaustive list of activity boxes and feel free to specify in the description if other activities are close to your home.
A nearby activity can be listed if it is accessible within 25 minutes by car via the Google Maps application.
Maybe you don’t know all the activities in your area. Here is the name of a simple tool you can use to define the activities present within a 25 minute radius.
If there are other activities that can be done near you, don’t hesitate to specify it in the description of your ad.
Photos are the key element that will make campers click on your ad. It is therefore essential to have good quality, bright photos.
If you lack inspiration here are our tips on what to take pictures of.
– A general picture of your garden
– Several pictures of your equipment (pool, toilets, shower, tables, campfire, …)
– One or two pictures of the camp site
– One or two photos of the day/night/dusk atmosphere…
– Several photos of the activities you practice or are famous for in your area

You are free to set the price of your ad yourself. However, we would like to inform you about some good practices to fix your price at best.
Ask yourself about your desires, why did you create an ad on WayCamper ?
1. To meet travelers
2. To earn money/create an additional income
3. To be of service to campers
Whatever you want to do, don’t neglect the quality of the ad and the price given to the campers. We advise you to take a quick look at the prices of ads in your area. You can then decide whether your accommodation is in the high or low range among the ads already posted.
Generally, the price of ads is between 10 and 25 euros.
Note that you will receive 80% of the price per transaction. Indeed 20% of the fees are reserved for the insurance fees and the development of the WayCamper platform.

Requests and reservations

You are notified by email when you receive a reservation request or a question about my accommodation.

You have 120 hours (5 days) to validate a reservation request.
After this time, the reservation request is automatically cancelled.

You can manage all your booking requests via your dashboard.
Watch the video to better manage the interface dedicated to guests.


You can pay by 3 methods
– Paypal
– Skrill
– Bank transfer
You can register your bank details in order to be paid by giving us several information during the creation of your ad.

– Account holder :
– IBAN :
– Your address :
– Country :
– BIC code (optional)
Of course we will never ask you to make a money transfer. These data are only used for the purpose of financing you. Our website ensures 100% secure payments.

Payment times are approximately one week, however payment times may be delayed due to holidays.
If you have not been paid yet, don’t worry, you can contact us at

Change / cancellation

First, you are required to give 5 days notice of a reservation cancellation.
Indeed, if there is a cancellation, travelers must be able to change their plans and adapt in order to continue their trips.
If for some exceptional reason you have not been able to meet this deadline, please inform us via the email address

Travelers are required to notify you 24 hours in advance of any cancellation. If this time is not respected, you will be paid and the traveler will not be refunded.
If a camper needs to leave in a hurry during their stay in your garden, it is up to you to make arrangements together.

Manage my ad

To modify your ad go to your dashboard and then go to my ads.

Here are some tips to optimize your ad!

You are allowed to host campers for 95 days per year. Beyond that, you are considered as camping and therefore avoid exceeding the 95 days or you will be taxed as such.
We don’t have a calendar on our website yet. We suggest that you use an additional calendar system to manage your reservations.
Here are some online calendars you can use.

To modify your ad go to your dashboard and then go to my ads.


In case of incident, please contact WayCamper as soon as possible via the online form below.
We respect the following legal delays
– 2 days in case of theft
– 10 days in case of damage caused by a natural disaster
– 5 days for all other cases

For the time being, your public liability insurance (P.L.I.) is the only insurance that covers you.
We are working on adding an additional insurance to guarantee each case, i.e. in case of damage, theft or injury.
Part of the platform fee is dedicated to insurance costs.


As a general rule, you can only welcome campers on your land and be paid by them for a total of 95 days, i.e. a little more than 3 months.
The town planning code specifies that the maximum number of campers is 20 per night and/or 6 motorized vehicles (van, caravan, camper).
Some municipalities apply a tourist tax, we invite you to pay this tax. Here are some links to help you find your way around
– Tourist tax in Belgium :
– Tourist tax in France :
– Tourist tax in the Netherlands :
– Tourist tax in Germany :
– Tourist tax in Luxembourg :
– Tourist tax in Spain :
For the other countries, we invite you to search simply via Google.

As a host, you may be subject to taxation in your country.
In most cases, you will have to register your income in the “micro-foncier income” category if it does not exceed €15,000. Box 4BE.


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